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When we think of social media, we often find ourselves thinking that it is just another billboard for us to promote our products & services.

Every-day we hear from friends and colleagues alike that ‘if you don’t have a Facebook page, you don’t have a business’

Twitter is not cool. – 2016

So often, Agents of Obelisk sees companies and professionals rush into establishing themselves online without the proper fore-thought or know-how! So here is five ‘please oh please do not do this!’ mistakes to avoid when managing your online presence…

Social Media is a community, not a billboard

Business owners tend to treat Facebook as though they were some kind of paper-boy selling news on the corner. The pushy sell, the harsh transaction based language and the ‘faceless’ corporate entity all serve to diminish the community you should be building to support your brand. Instead of thinking of social media as a platform to push a product, think of it as a tool to build brand awareness and customer retention that will in turn drive the sales of product.

Whilst pushing your product through social media might get some initial results…. read more

Xkcd Password Strength

Passwords are interesting beasts; they can be as simple as 123 or as complicated as djf03j32-345#@sd (not actually my password! or is it…)? Online security is one of the most important areas of innovation in our technological and information driven age. Our passwords are secure, personal, gateways and guardians of almost any service or product we use online. That is why password security should be the highest concern for a digitally focused society. 

Two-step verification is becoming all the rage, which is a good thing (maybe… tell that to the array of Youtubers who lost account access a few months ago due to SMS verification hacks). Two-step verification works like this, you input your password and then the service a user is accessing will send a verification code to a second party that hypothetically only you have access to such as your phone or email. The idea being that simply knowing your password is insufficient for access to be granted.

At Agents of Obelisk we often get asked how we me manage all of our client’s sensitive data…

okay so nobody asks us this but it really does highlight how much a modern society ignores online security.

However, to answer this regardless…

We have been using LastPass (link below). Think of LastPass as an online vault for your passwords. Your personal bank that would take a mastermind to crack. LastPass is a tool for remembering and organising passwords across a number of websites and services. What’s more is that you are easily able to store new passwords at the click of a button and recall old ones instantly. You only ever need to remember one password, your LastPass password!

For businesses, LastPass is also a fantastic tool for sharing secure passwords across your employee base and having control over who gets what access at what time. So if you ever were so unfortunate to get a rogue employee make away with your accounts, you could immediately restrict them and deny access at the click of a button. You can even give them access to an accounts use without ever revealing that password to them.

A feature we love is the ability for LastPass to generate random passwords and remember those for your new accounts. This all but cancel

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